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From Binn we go along the bottom of the Binntal valley and reach Fald from where the path across the Della Rossa Mountain Pass (Geisspfad) starts. During the first track tract there are various itinerary locations from which we can observe the geological composition around us up to the Minerals’ Cave (Cava dei minerali). We follow along the woods and come out in the Manibode Plain where we take a deviation towards Massersee whose waters mirror the encompassing peaks. The path thus starts going up very steeply surpassing stony grounds up to entering the deep narrow valley which hosts the Geisspfad (Geisspfadsee e Zuesee) Lakes. We coast the first lake and thus go back up the Della Rossa Mountain Pass, marked by a multitude of small stone statues. We start the great rocky tableland of the Della Rossa Mountain Pass, a wide rock passage which allows us to discern the work of ancient glaciers which have left the footprint of their flowing on these glacier-modeled rocks. We’re in the realm of the serpentine mineral, a realm made up of green rocks which having an iron oxide content take on a characteristic reddish color in the presence atmospheric agents. We must cross this environment by scrupulously following varnished trail marks so as not to lose one’s sense of direction. At the bottom of the tableland we face the steep rocky ramparts which support the mountain pass on the Italian mountainside until we can finally see the underlying Devero basin. The path starts going down steeply until we immediately reach the “small iron ladder” (“scaletta in ferro”) which allows us to surpass a brief rocky tract of the ramparts (be careful). The path proceeds prominent and steep up to the Della Rossa Plains. On our way down we can see Mount Cervandone which is a symbol of the search for minerals and within whose rocks truly worldwide unique minerals are found.
We cross the torrent and fom the Della Rossa Plains the path continues steeper and steeper up to the meadows of Campell and thus in a brief amount of time we reach the Devero plain.

This stage coincides with the D3 stage of the Blue Itinerary Alpine Way (Via Alpina Itinerario Blu).

Minerals’ Tour

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Binn (CH)

Altitude Difference Going Up

1077 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

844 m

Track Length

12,8 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

5 h 25

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficult)

Ending Point Location

Devero Alp


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