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We’re on the “Stockalper Path” (“Sentiero Stockalper”), around the suggestive part of the gullies of Gondo which are crossed going up the Diveria Torrent while crossing extremely steep grasslands. From the military area of Del Gondo Fort (Forte del Gondo) which we can cross thanks to a tunnel excavated into the rock, we continue along steel ladders and high stone bridges. An old Napoleonic barracks has been transformed into an (always open) museum dedicated to the Sempione road networks. The relics of one of the last Stockalper goods storage depots dating back to 1676 and a beautiful Walser twin-house indicate the vicinity of the Gabi dwellings; from here we resolutely go up to the pastures which take us to SimplonDorf which hosts the Sempione Ecological Museum (Ecomuseo di Sempione). From SimplonDorf the path follows on through beautiful Alpine meadows and Sempione Valley peat-bogs, passing in front of an old hospice (which can be contrasted with a newer one built in Napoleonic times). One can then make a stop at one of the hotels at Passo (2,005 m).

Minerals’ Tour

Minerals’ Tour - Stage 1: Varzo -Trasquera
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 2: Trasquera - Gondo
Minerals Tour - Stage 3: Gondo- Sempione Mountain Pass
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 4: Sempione Mountain Pass - Mount Leone Hütte Mountain Hut
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 5: Mount Leone Hütte Mountain Hut - Rosswald
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 6: Rosswald - Binn
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 7: Binn - Alpe Devero
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 8: Devero Alp - Veglia Alp
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 9: Veglia Alp - Trasquera - Varzo

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Gondo (CH)

Altitude Difference Going Up

1,270 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

70 m

Track Length

14 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

6 h 15 min

Difficulty Level

E (medium)

Bus stop

The path coasts more or less from a distance the canton road taken by the Domodossola – Briga and Briga Gondo bus line.

Stage beginning mainstay

It is possible to dine in places found at Engiloch and Simplon (CH).

Ending Point Location

Passo del Sempione (CH)


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