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This track is for pure fun with a cableway which can be taken up to the Vigezzo Plain (  tel. +39 0324 98646). From the Vigezzo Plain we follow onto a wide cyclable path with some brief technical tracts until we reach Colma di Craveggia. Here take the unpaved road (closed to public vehicles and reserved for land owners) which via numerous narrow hairpin bends goes down to the paved Blizz Alp road. We go down to Craveggia and thus following the paved road we go back to Prestinone at the cableway parking lot.

As an alternative, only suitable to experts, it is possible to go up to Colma di Craveggia via the unpaved road described above and then follow the downwards slope of the Colm Trail, a demanding freeride track which is nevertheless well kept by the Val Vigezzo GRAVITY BIKE group of enthusiasts. The path is marked with blue signs and must only be undertaken with adequate equipment, clothing, and specific protection items. Naturally, it is also possible to backtrack down this path on the way back.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Prestinone, Cableway Leading Up To the Vigezzo Plain


Prestinone, Vigezzo Plain, Colma di Craveggia, Craveggia, Prestinone

Altitude Difference Going Up

925 m

Maximum altitude reached

1706 m above mean sea level (Vigezzo Plain)

Track Length

14,5 km

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)



Recommended Time Period

June - October


Valle Vigezzo

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