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For this itinerary we advise making use of the chairlift, which is geared for the carrying of bicycles. The way up from San Domenico to Ciamporino along the path is in fact ruined by rainfall and is very steep and almost never cyclable. From Ciamporino to Moiero the track is predominantly a hillside path, with convex stretches as well as slightly engraved stretches where it is easy for bike pedals to touch the ground: pay attention and carry your bike by hand when needed. Once arrived at Moiero cross the syndicate track which on one side proceeds towards the Solcio Alp and on the other side descends down towards Dorcia and thus with some very steep paved hairpin bends comes to meet the provincial road linking Varzo to San Domenico. Following the provincial road we get back to San Domenico.


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Alpe Ciamporino, chairlift destination from San Domenico (1950 m)


Ciamporino –Moiero Alp – Dorcia - San Domenico

Altitude Difference Going Up

130 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

700 m

Maximum altitude reached

2000 m above mean sea level (just above Ciamporin)

Track Length

8,2 km

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)




Valle Divedro

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