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This track, which is slightly indented, allows one to explore the territory of Montescheno and the wild valley of Bervettola. From the municipality of Cresti, we start going up a paved road crossing the various rural communities which altogether make up Montescheno. Following Barboniga we continue our way up, and at Varcogno we ignore the detour towards the Sogno Alp and proceed up to Valleggia. Just before the town on the right we take an unpaved road which starts going up with many hairpin bends up until we reach the Faiu Alp ridge and following this the Pradurino Alp. Here is where we begin backtracking following the same uphill road up to Varcogno and then turn to the left towards the Sogno Alp. After a first paved track the road becomes unpaved and enters the Brevettola Valley touching the Arbisasca Alp and Carnona and then follows downwards on a road from which Brevettola can be seen, thus taking us to an upwards steep hillside path up to the Sogno Alp chapel. Follow the same downwards route on the way back.


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Montescheno Rural Community in the Municipality of Cresti (516 m)


Cresti, Croppo, Sasso, Barboniga, Varcogno, Faiu Alp, Pradurino Alp, Varcogno, Arbisasca, Carnona, Piazzone, Brevettola Torrent, Pra da Dom, Cansler, Pianez, Sogno Alp

Altitude Difference Going Up

850 m

Maximum altitude reached

1350 m above mean sea level (Sogno Alp)

Track Length

30.0 km (going and coming back)

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)



Recommended Time Period

Maggio - Ottobre


Valle Antrona

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