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This simple track allows us to discover the towns of the middle portion of the Anzasca Valley. From Battiggio we go up along the main road crossing Vanzone. Just after the Concordia Pizza Place we take the road on the left which goes through Valeggio and thus goes up (via a new tract) to a place where we once again cross the main road just before Croppo. We follow along the main road passing through Borgone and thus reaching Ceppo Morelli. Just after the Municipal Building we reach a small oratory and thus take a turn to the left along the Rumianca Street going down to the paved bridge crossing the Anza Torrent. At this point it is really worth taking a break to look at the beautiful Prea Bridge, an old arched stone bridge, one of the most well kept amid the whole valley. After the bridge we continue on the left up to the sports field area. This is where a very fun downhill path begins along an unpaved road which runs along the right hydrographical side of the Anza Torrent, crossing some thick woods. We then pass the Opaco dwellings and continue on our track up to just in front of Vanzone. We leave the track (which follows on for a few hundred meters but then stops) turning left allowing us to cross the Anza Torrent on a cement crossing (in case the Anza Torrent is at its peak in terms of water carried there is also a metal bridge a little bit more downwards towards the valley which can be taken instead). Having crossed the Anza Torrent, proceed on the hydrographical unpaved road on the left which takes us back up until we cross the main road. Just before the crossing with the main road take the old mule track (track number B00) which goes down the hillside, crosses the creek and descends to the nice Battiggio Tower, which is a characteristic late middle ages signal tower built with native stones.

Note: this itinerary is subject to an uphill ascent along the main road. Even though the road is rather wide along this tract, we advise avoiding taking this road during peak time periods (such as weekends).

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Battiggio, municipality of Vanzone San Carlo (593 m)


Battiggio, Vanzone, Valleggio, Croppo, Borgone, Ceppo Morelli, Opaco, Guado Upon the Anza Torrent, Battiggio

Altitude Difference Going Up

350 m

Maximum altitude reached

760 m above mean sea level (Ceppo Morelli)

Track Length

11.5 km (entire track)

Difficulty Level

T (easy)



Recommended Time Period

April - October


Valle Anzasca

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