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From the bounding parking lot of Devero we go up to the small church, we proceed forward and in the middle of the plain we take the unpaved road which takes us up to Crampiolo. Behind the Crampiolo church a very steep tractor trail begins taking us up to the Devero Lake Dam and continues along the track along the hillside by the lake. We first pass the Valley River and then the Satta River up until we reach a brief but extremely steep paved stretch which takes us up to the Spygher alpine accommodation building. From here onwards the track goes up steep and rather uneven but in a brief amount of time we get to the Canaleccio Alp where a moderately steep track follows with plain stretches amidst the Marmotte Valley. Having gotten to the bottom of the small valley we can catch sight of the Pianboglio Lake: here the track continues to go up steeply with a few narrow hairpin bends. Through the last hillside stretch we finally reach the Forno Alp in a breathtaking scenery due to the presence of wide open grasslands. The whole itinerary takes place along the tractor trail which serves the Alpine pasture: we’re in the area of production of the Bettelmatt cheese.

Some stretches are very steep making it difficult to cycle these (this is also true due to the rather disconnected bottom of the track), just like the ascent from Crampiolo to the dam, the ascent from Spigher to Canaleccio, and especially the tract of hairpin bends preceding the Forno alp. But it’s well worth it: the scenery is just incredible!

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Devero Alp parking lot (1625 m)


Devero Alp parking lot – Devero ai Ponti – Strevo – Crampiolo – Devero Lake (small dam) – Spygher – Canaleccio – Marmotte Valley – Lower Forno Alp

Altitude Difference Going Up

600 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

600 m

Maximum altitude reached

2220 m above mean sea level (Lower Forno Alp)

Track Length

8.2 km (one-way)

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)




Valle Devero

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