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From the small car park below, cross the Campliccioli Dam and turn left to take the small tunnel that leads to the ENEL utility plant. Follow along the flatland until the bridge over the Banella River. From here the uphill climb begins, which becomes increasingly difficult: only the basin of Alpe Banella grants a rare moment of rest before the final surge, which ends at the Camposecco dam, another beautiful lake in the Antrona Valley.

Notes: In the vicinity of the lake, there is an always-open sheet metal bivouac, managed by CAI Villadossola (tel. +39 0324 575245,


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

The small car park below the Campliccioli Dam


C00 + C34

Altitude Difference Going Up

975 m

Track Length

5,1 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 15 min

Track Numbers

C00 + C34

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)

Recommended Time Period

Mid-June - October


Valle Antrona

Notable Items along the Track

Siamo nel Parco Naturale Alta Valle Antrona


In prossimità del lago è presente un bivacco in lamiera sempre aperto del CAI Villadossola (tel. +39 0324 575245


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