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From Gomba, follow trail D16 which, after a long stretch in a hillside forest, crosses the Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) trail coming from San Bernardo. Follow along the GTA, arriving to the chalets of Oriaccia and, after a steeper hike, the Cross of Vallaro. Going past the chalets on the grassy fields, you’ll reach the Marigonda campsite; continue along the nice panoramic trail that franks the hillside until Alpe Campo. Before reaching the field’s baite (chalets), a segment branches off to the right and begins climbing steeply, though at times hard to see, until reaching the col (the dip between two peaks) where it crosses the trail coming from Alpe Laghetto. Turn left and with one last crossing, you will reach the lakes of Campo: first the lower (and smaller) one, then the upper (and larger) one. Once back to the col, descend steeply to Alpe Laghetto (the mountain lodge is supervised in the summer) and continue going down from there along the hillside until reaching cross of Vallaro, then following the same arrival route to return to Gomba.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point



D16 + GTA + connection + D18 + GTA + D16

Altitude Difference Going Up

1150 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

1150 m

Track Length

17,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

6 h 15 min

Track Numbers

D16 + GTA + collegamento + D18 + GTA + D16

Difficulty Level

E (medium)

Recommended Time Period



Valle Bognanco

Notable Items along the Track

The lakes of Campo are shallow, reflective ponds, lined up at the same altitude as the head of the large grassy valley of the same name. At its feet, protected by a spur, stand the rustic farm buildings of Alpe Campo (1,895 m / 6,217 ft), still used by shepherds in the valley. The small lakes are found at the foot of a glacial cirque, from which the peaks of Pizzo Straciugo and Cima d'Azoglio rise.

Bus stop

Bus stop in Graniga (the Domodossola – Bognanco line)

Stage beginning mainstay

The Rifugio Alpe Laghetto mountain hut is open in summer (tel. + 39 347032029)


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