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We go back down to the Trasquera main square and take the mule track which coasts the carriageable road (which stays uphill) up to the fork in the road towards Fraccia. From here we follow the carriageable road passing by Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo, built in 1880 with a height of about 100 meters and a 33.30 meter diameter) and carrying on up until Bugliaga from where an unrivaled view of the great Sempione mountains can be enjoyed. In the meadows uphill from the nice small church, between the end of May and the beginnings of July, we can admire blossoms of Alpine tulips (Tulipaaustralis), yellow flowers with red stripes, a very rare species found along the south of the Alps of paramount protection. From Bugliaga we start going up towards the Delle Possette Mountain Pass and thus take the detour towards the Lavazza Alp – Vallescia Alp trail and then take a long path which goes up along the mountainside up until we cross the edge of the woods and reach the Vallescia Alp in proximity of the boundary with Switzerland. From the Alp we enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sempione mountains. We thus pass the boundary and get to Alpjerung and Corwetsch which is where we start an involved way down along a characteristic path known as “la via delle Prese” which crosses Presa Cima, Presa Pioda, Presa Bruciata, andPresa d’Fond, up until a canton road’s hairpin bend is reached. Following the brown signs of the Stockalperweg (track mark 90), in a brief amount of time we reach the dwellings of Gondo.

Minerals’ Tour

Minerals’ Tour - Stage 1: Varzo -Trasquera
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 2: Trasquera - Gondo
Minerals Tour - Stage 3: Gondo- Sempione Mountain Pass
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 4: Sempione Mountain Pass - Mount Leone Hütte Mountain Hut
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 5: Mount Leone Hütte Mountain Hut - Rosswald
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 6: Rosswald - Binn
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 7: Binn – Alpe Devero
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 8: Devero Alp – Veglia Alp
Minerals’ Tour - Stage 9: Veglia Alp – Trasquera - Varzo

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point


Altitude Difference Going Up

970 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

1,215 m

Track Length

15,3 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

5h 45 min

Difficulty Level

E (difficult)

Ending Point Location



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