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The Della Rossa Mountain Pass, also known as Geisspfad is a wide rock mountain pass that allows us to discern the works of ancient glaciers that left the traces of their flow on these monotone rocks. We’re in the realm of the serpentine rocks, a collection of green rocks which, due to their iron oxide content, take on a reddish color in the presence of atmospheric agents. From the Devero Church we cross the plains up until we reach the Cantone area where we take the path that coasts the brook and starts going upwards at a slight slope of serpentine rocks which emerge from the larch woods. In a brief amount of time we reach the prairies of Campello and following the last Alpine lodging houses the upwards slope becomes more involved: the path goes up steeply via numerous steps up until the Della Rossa Plains are reached. We take a right and following a brook we start going back up to where we come out right under the bastions which carry the brook-crossing within the Italian side of the political boundary which seems unsurpassable. Nevertheless, after taking a better look we can discern a small eight-meter long iron ladder which allows us to surpass a brief rocky tract of the bastions (be careful). Not much later we finally reach the great rocky tableland which presents evident traces of glacial modeling. Such tableland must be crossed by scrupulously following the varnish cableways so as not to risk becoming disoriented. Finally, we reach the Della Rossa Pass which is distinguished by an infinite series of stone statues.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Devero Alp at Ai Ponti



Altitude Difference Going Up

855 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

1074 m

Track Length

4,7 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 00 min

Track Numbers


Difficulty Level

EE (difficult). The path is always steep. The only place of relative difficulty is represented by a small iron ladder 8 m before the Della Rossa Mountain Pass. The vast rocky tableland before the mountain pass must be crossed scrupulously following the varnished track marks so as to not risk losing one’s sense of direction.

Recommended Time Period

July - October


Devero Valley

Notable Items along the Track

red rocks which have been smoothened by glaciers at the Della Rossa Mountain Pass, the Geisspfad Lake, the Langenbach Mine, the Walser Architectural Buildings of Fald and Binn, and the Binn Museum.


the Devero - Binn traversal from the Della Rossa Mountain Pass is a stage of the Blue Itinerary Alpine Way.

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