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To visit the ravines means feeling the emotions associated with walking along the bottom of ancient torents which used to flow noisily beneath glaciers in the Ice Age. The main visitable ravine, known as the South Ravine (Orrido Sud), is about 200 m long and 20 m to 30 m deep, and has been geared with metal ladders and informative panels allowing it to be visited.

An ideal visit also accessible to entire families is the one that starts at Baceno. From Baceno follow the mule track, which follows stone-paved or rock-engraved paths, which from the monumental church of Saint Gaudenzio descends towards the municipality of Verampio. At the second (marked) fork in the road, we take a left and via a nice path across the mountainside we reach a clearing with a small electrical power plant from which we go up slightly following the panoramic path protected by barriers which in a short period of time takes us to the upper mouth of the South Ravine. At the exit from the ravine we follow the unpaved road which in a brief amount of time goes down to Maiesso where a new bridge on the side of the road allows us to observe the characteristic potholes eroded along the current path of the Toce River in the Element 0 granite mineral rock which is the deepest rock found across the entire Alps.

Proceeding with the descent always following the road we arrive at the Deverso Torrent; after the crossing of the river it is possible to take once again the mule track for Baceno in correspondence of the arched stone bridge placed a little bit uphill.

Other ravines are also visitable. The deep Arvera Ravine (Orrido di Arvera) through which the Toce river currently flows, can be crossed by the road linking Premia and Crego as well as via a new pedestrian overpass present about 100 meters below the main one. The North-East Ravine (Orrido Nord Est), found in proximity of the Saint Lucia Small Church, is reachable by foot by lengthening the itinerary by not too much, and can also be reached by car from Premia, passing through the imposing wall of Balmafredda, which has been geared as a rock-climbing gym. The North-West Ravine (Orrido Nord Ovest) can be found on the side of the mule track which from Uriezzo goes up to the main road between Baceno and Premia. In the area of the Ravines a detailed array of signs and informative posts will aid you during your excursion.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Baceno Municipal Square (660 m), reachable by bus (Domodossola – Formazza bus line)


Baceno Municipal Square – Baceno Church – fork in the road towards Verampio – South Ravine (Orrido Sud) – Saint Lucia Oratory – North-East Ravine (Orrido Nord Est) - Saint Lucia Oratory – South Ravine (Orrido Sud) – Maiesso Bridge – Devero Torrent – Verampio – Baceno Church

Altitude Difference Going Up

100 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

100 m

Track Length

4,5 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 30 min (without taking into account the time taken to visit the Ravines)

Difficulty Level

E (medium-easy) - The cobbled mule track from Verampio to the Baceno Church can be a little bit slippery due to its leaves or after the rain.

Recommended Time Period

March - October


Antigorio Valley

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