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From the centre of Viganella take the Strada Antronesca (C00 sign posts) until the oratory of Rivera, where you’ll take trail C14 - the pretty mule track that climbs towards Bordo. Bordo is a small stone village rebuilt in the 1980s by a Swiss-German community and organised around a Buddhist retreat. It’s a place to relax, rest and unwind - a place to experience a simpler life, reflect on oneself and practice mediation. Once past the town of Bordo, continue along the hillside, cross the broad valley and climb up to Cheggio. From there, head downhill until you reach the oratory of Ruginenta, take a short stretch of the street (the Strada Antronesca), then leave the road to cross Ovesca on the boardwalk before the sports pitch. Flank a stretch of a street and then, in the hamlet of Mundà, take the trail that leads through the wilderness. Return to the street in the point where it crosses over a bridge and from here return to Rivera and then Viganella.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point



Viganella, Rivera, Bordo, Cheggio, Rugimenta, Rivera, Viganella

Altitude Difference Going Up

200 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

200 m

Track Length

4.8 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 30 min

Difficulty Level

E (medium-easy)

Recommended Time Period

April – November


Antrona Valley

Bus stop

Domodossola – Antronapiana bus line

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