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his ring-shaped path is very panoramic as it follows along the ridge dividing the Divedro Valley from the Cairasca Valley.

Starting from the Municipal Small Square we follow the directions towards Inner Agro and in a brief amount of time we arrive at a marked fork in the road which takes us to the Fraccia pine forest where an excellent holiday farm is present. At the marked fork (track mark F38) take the detour towards Agro which turns into a slight track trail which starts going back up the steep side of the woods. The pronounced altitude difference is surpassed via daring staircases eroded directly into the rock with some tracts presenting some safety barriers.

Once this steep path has been followed we come out of it and cross the river-crossing where the Outer Agro Alp lodging houses emerge and where we can view the Sempione Triptych. From here we first proceed along the mountainside, and then go down up to the Inner Agro Alp (track code F40). From such Alp we start going downhill along a steep and quite demanding path which ends at the Trasquera – Bugliaga carriageable road next to Devil’s Bridge, a bridge which has been built in 1880 having a height of about 100 meters with a 33,30 meter arch.

Following the carriageable way towards Trasquera we go down to the fork in the road towards Sotta where we take a tract of the old mule track which runs uphill from a parallel road and thus in very little time leads us to the municipal square we started from.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Trasquera Municipal Square (1100 m)


Trasquera – La Sotta – Outer Agro – Inner Agro – Schiaffo - Trasquera

Altitude Difference Going Up

700 m

Track Length

8,4 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 50 min

Track Numbers

F38 + F40 + F00

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty) - he path is of medium difficulty, and is very steep along some tracts

Recommended Time Period

June - October


Divedro Valley

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