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From Foppiano, in front of the Pizzo del Frate Hotel, enter the trail for the Colmine Pass, cross the bouldering (a style of rock climbing) area and continue until you reach the baite (chalets) of Camplero. Just a bit further along, pass the turnoff for the Buca del Lupo Pass (a trail with few markers, only for experts) and carry on until reaching the simpler Colmine Pass. Though it doesn’t offer particularly great views as it is immersed in the woods, this pass is the start of an enjoyable walk along a ridge in a dense fir and pine forest, which continues until Alpe Genuina, a mountain pasture with a broad clearing that offers panoramic glimpses onto the Antigorio and Divedro Valleys. Near the chalets you’ll find an ancient well dug into the rock. Keep along the trail which, compared to the ridge, runs along the hillside a bit closer to the Diverdro Valley until coming to a noticeable notch-like opening in the crest. Skipping the traces of the trail that descend, lost within Alpe Coipo, stay along the line of the wide ridge until Alpe Colmine, with its picturesque well featuring an ingenious wooden rocker arm to carry the buckets. Here the ridge lacks trees and the view is truly spectacular. Following the trail along the crest, you soon reach the always-open bivouac, built by the Alpini di Crevoladossola (the local Italian alpine troops).
To head back, follow the trail you arrived on until Alpe Genuina, then take trail G05 as it descends into the thick of the forest (proceed with caution as there are a few very steep parts) until the nice clearing of Alpe Cheggio, which features two distinct centres. Continue down the pretty trail until you come to the chapel (cappella) of Cheggio, with its extraordinary view over the valley below, Valle Antigorio. Keep down the trail and quickly arrive at the terminal square of the dirt track that connects to Foppiano. If you follow the full length of this dirt track, you’ll reach the paved road just below the houses of Viceno. Or as an alternative, you may choose to continue down the track for a while until coming to a cattle path which rises to the left and leads to a gathering of chalets. Climb that bit of trail briefly and, once reaching the flat prairie, return to the houses of Camplero. Then follow the trail taken on the way out to return to Foppiano.

Notes: A spectacular trip along the ridge of Colmine di Crevola all the way to the bivouac shelter of the Alpini di Crevoladossola (the local Italian alpine troops)

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Foppiano di Crodo


G07 + A09 + G05

Altitude Difference Going Up

730 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

730 m

Track Length

13,2 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

4 h 30 min

Track Numbers

G07 + A09 + G05

Difficulty Level

E (medium)

Recommended Time Period



Valle Antigorio

Notable Items along the Track

Panoramic views of the Valle Antigorio and the Valle Divedro, views of the chapel of Cheggio, ancient water wells along Colmine di Crevola


A spectacular trip along the ridge of Colmine di Crevola all the way to the bivouac shelter of the Alpini di Crevoladossola (the local Italian alpine troops)


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