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From the municipal square we take the staircase in front of the newsagent and go up till we cross the main road. Not much beyond this we take a (marked) trail which goes up along the mountainside uphill from the road and reaches a nice votive chapel. From here we continue along the mountainside up to Pioda. Following along small roads we reach sports fields and thus, among nice mule tracts alternating with paved tracts on inner roads, we come to Rozzaro, Piazza, and Rodis from where we get to the small municipal square of Premia. From the parking lot in front of the municipal building we take a mule track in the plain which in a brief amount of time comes to the intersection with the road towards the Cingio rural community. We go down to the main road in correspondence of a nice chapel (known as the Dal Self Chapel). Here a nice stone staircase begins taking up down to a bridge crossing the Toce River and thus taking us up to Cagiogno. We take the paved road up to the great stable before a bridge (which we must not cross), and remaining on the left-hand-side of the river we take a right, following the track marks marked Goo and then take a sheep track that proceeds coasting the artificial lake of Piedilago. From the end of the lake we get back up on a paved road which continues flatly passing below the rural community of Cristo and follow along the river. Further on, the track comes back to being unpaved and runs beautifully among well-kept meadows up to reaching a bridge just in front of the Premia Thermal Waters. Instead of going towards the bridge we follow the directions of the Gries Way and then follow along the fields coasting the Toce river for yet another tract presenting a slight upwards slope up to arriving to the Cini Home. Having crossed the rural community we continue along the sheep track which coasts the river up to the intersection with a quarry track. We cross the Toce river in correspondence of the ford (in case of water we make use of the bridge at Case Cini and get to the main road which takes us up to Chioso and Foppiano. From the Foppiano town centre the mule path keeps on running parallel at the bottom of the road up to getting to a road bridge. From there onwards we follow the main road but instead of entering the tunnel we take a right and follow the old encased hairpin bends (and there are also the small paths that cut through these) which are no longer crossed by cars up to reaching the Fondovalle area. Here we cross the bridge on the Toce River and take the agricultural road, a long mostly flat small road which takes us back to the left-hand-side of the river (keep on following the Gries Way directions), taking us down to Valdo. Here we once again cross the Toce River and go up towards the beginning of the chairlift but just before arriving we follow straight on along the pedestrian way which coasts the river, crossing the bridge that crosses the Toce River and coming up to a small square of the Formazza Municipal Building around Ponte.

The route:
Gries Way (Via del Gries) / Sbrinz Route (Via Sbrinz)

The stages of this route:
GRIES WAY: Stage 1: Crevoladossola/Montecrestese - Baceno
GRIES WAY: Stage 2: Baceno – Ponte (Formazza)
GRIES WAY: Stage 3: Ponte - Riale
GRIES WAY: Stage 4: Riale – Gries Mountain Pass (2479) - Ulrichen

Notable Items along the Track

Baceno Church (national monument), Premia Parish Church, Uriezzo Ravines (Orridi di Uriezzo), Casa Forte at Formazza

Itinerary Code: VSB

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (E)

Track Length: 20.00 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 5h 30m

Arrival Address: Baceno (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 665 m

Departure Address: Formazza (VB) - IT

Arrival Height: 1284 m

Route Stage: 2

Recommended Time Period: April - November

Altitude Difference Going Up: 755 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 125 m

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