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At Valdo we leave the car in the parking lot in front of the LATTERIA local shop (sale of typical local products); we cross the bridge and in proximity of the sports shop, a posted sign displays the directions to the Bediola Alp, Tama Alp, and Cazzoli Pass. We go along the paved road which in a brief amount of time turns into a tractor trail road, crosses a meadow and following the always well-discernable Red-White-Red track marks, we start going up the wood; at first the path is made up of sharp hairpin bends which allow us to go up quickly, following which in proximity of a tunnel which was once used to extract quartz from the rock, the road changes into a stone-paved mule track which going up the Bedriola Valley exits the coniferous wood so that almost suddenly we find ourselves in the Bedriola Alp Fornale.

The Alp, which is still in an excellent state of conservation, is made up of a unique Alpine lodging house with a wooden fountain and a small votive chapel portraying the image of the Madonna. At the Alp, following the directions for Tamia, we go up behind the Alpine lodging house, along a very visible and well-marked path, going past the relics of a second house, and with a roughly 30 minutes walk we come out at an altitude of 2020 into the wide basin beneath the Sciolti Alp (which we never go up to). Glancing to the left, there is a beautiful view of the Vannino Valley at the bottom of which the imposing “bulk of the Arbola Alp” (mole dell’Arbola) can be readily seen. The itinerary continues along a very well-marked ground and develops along the mountainside up to where the relics of the Sciara Alp can be reached, where imposing metallic avalanche walls can be found, and then, following along the path, we reach the Tamia Alp. From here we start going down towards Canza following path G18.

We follow the pressure pipeline and the fork in the road towards the Lower Tamia Alp and following the nice hairpin bend path we reach the main road at Canza. To go back to Valdo one can follow the directions of the G00 track which cuts through Grovella, otherwise we suggest going down to the town of Canza, following the Toce River on its bridge, and taking the G00d path which follows a ridge and descends coasting the river on the right-hand-side, passing high above Brendo, turning around the electric power station of Ponte, and thus arriving in correspondence of a Bridge on the Toce River on a carriageable road which follows up until the starting parking place at Valdo.


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Formazza Rural Community in the Municipality of Valdo 1280 m above mean sea level, reachable by bus (Domodossola – Formazza bus line)


Valdo, Bedriola Alp – Tamia Alp, Canza, Brendo, Valdo

Altitude Difference Going Up

922 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

922 m

Track Length

10,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

5 h 00 min

Track Numbers

G16 + G16a + G18 + G00d

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficult)

Recommended Time Period

June - October


Formazza Valley

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