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This is a ring-shaped itinerary which takes place across nice mule tracks and roads which allow us to discover the three towns of the Antigorio valley: Baceno, Crodo e Premia and their rural communities.

The itinerary starts at Piazza del Municipio at Baceno. First take the Via Sant’Antonio road and then follow along Cuggine (track mark H00a). At the Cuggine windmill go down to the Devero Torrent bridge and return to Uresso. Take the paved road towards Graglia up until the last torrent where an unpaved flat road leading to Crino begins. Follow the road up to its end but then instead of going down to Crino follow along the mule track in the plain which arrives at the intersection of the paved road towards Cravegna in correspondence of a hairpin bend. At the next hairpin bend take a sheep track in the meadows leading to Cravegna. Follow on to the nice church and descend along the road up to Navasco and take the nice and wide mule track (trail mark G11) which goes down via two hairpin bends up to the crossing of the Alfenza Torrent and then via secondary paved roads we reach the Crodo city centre. After the square the Antigoriana Dairy and the nearby Ossolano Bakery allow for the purchase of typical products. Having passed these, we cross the road and descend towards Maglioggio, but instead of going up to the rural communities we continue in the plain along the nice street which crosses the remarkably green plain of Verampio. Having passed a canal, we cross the Toce River and take a right up to the parking lot beyond the Campagna eating house. From here onwards, by following the directions towards Orridi Uriezzo, the unpaved track begins first fording across the Devero Torrent and then goes up gradually. Having first reached the Maiesso Bridge, with the beautiful potholes eroded in the white rock, we continue on the road (without crossing the bridge), surpassing the “horrids” or Uriezzo (which are spectacular rock incisions allowing us to visit the place) and in the end we reach the parking lot in front of the Santa Lucia Oratory. Here the road becomes paced and goes up to Premia having crossed the spectacular Balmafreeda Gorge. We cross the Premia centre along the paved road but just after the rural communities of Piazza take a small road on the right (following the directions marked G00 Via del Gries – Sbrinz Route). The small road becomes almost immediately a nice wide flat mule track which takes us up to Rozzaro. We follow onwards around the sports field and once arrived at Pioda we go up to the rural communities around Creasta where a firebreak begins low towards the surface of the hillside and continues towards Croveo – Beola. Having reached the first houses in the rural communities around Beola we go down along the Baceno – Goglio provincial road. From here onwards we suggest reaching the Croveo city center, which is very picturesque with its parish church, old wine press, and a multimedia path dedicated to the witches of Croveo. From Beola we can descend a hundred or so meters and then turn right taking a track which brings us to the nice stone bridge of Builina, with very nice carvings eroded into the rock. We may then continue along the track with a steep stretch up until we reach a nice clearing which crosses the main H00 marked path which must be followed towards Graglia and Baceno. Be careful when going down across Graglia: the mule path is very steep and slippery so it is preferable to carry bikes by hand during this track also so as to not ruin the bottom of the path. From Graglia we take the downwards paved road until we come to the crossing with the road for Uresso which we cross following the path with track sign H00 thus descending onto a steep mule track up to the Baceno sports field and not far from here we can go back up to the municipal square we started from.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Baceno, Piazza del Municipio (665 m)


Baceno, Cuggine, Uresso, Crino, Cravegna, Navasco, Alfelza Torrent, Crodo City Centre, Quategno di dentro, Verampio, Orridi di Uriezzo, Balmafredda, Premia, Piazza, Rozzaro, Pioda, Cresta, Croveo in the municipality of Beola, Ponte della Baulina, Graglia, Baceno sports field, Baceno

Altitude Difference Going Up

620 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

620 m

Maximum altitude reached

810 m above mean sea level (above Graglia)

Track Length

23,0 km

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)



Recommended Time Period

April - November


Valle Antigorio

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