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From the Pontemaglio bridge we cut through all of the rural communities going up to its higher part. In correspondence of a trough a track starts going up steeply to the steps near Veglio. We can cross the small town up to reaching the Saint Marco Oratory. From here on we take the unpaved road which takes us along a flat surface to the nice Scarpia glade. From here till Bogo we can still find the old original mule track cutting through the hairpin bends of the road but this is now covered in vegetation. While waiting for such mule track to be refurbished we suggest following the unpaved road.

The town of Veglio has been abandoned in the 1950s (at that time only 56 people lived there) because of a profound fear that the mountain above it would break down onto it. We follow the road arriving at Chezzo from which a paved road takes us to Lomese, a rural community with admirable examples of traditional stone carvings. We suggest pushing ourselves up to the Montecrestese Church. From here onwards we follow backwards up to beyond Chezzo and from there we take the nice stone-paved mule track on the left which takes us back to Pontemaglio.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Pontemaglio, at the small parking lot just before the tunnel (370 m)


Parking lot just before the tunnel, Pontemaglio Church, Veglio, Saint Marco Oratory (Veglio), Scarpia, Bogo, Chezzo, Pontemaglio Church, Pontemaglio Tunnel

Altitude Difference Going Up

215 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

215 m

Track Length

4,3 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 30

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficult) - Brief and short excursion, overall easy, only the way up from the Pontemaglio Church to Veglio presents a tract with very steep steps, the rest of the track is made up of very nice mule tracks and roads.

Recommended Time Period

March - October


Valle Antigorio

Notable Items along the Track

Traditional stone architecture, frescos, and traditional farming products


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