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The alpine pastures above Cravegna deserve being crossed due to the care which has been taken in maintaining them across time as well as because of the splendid view which one can admire from the Deccia Alp.

From the Cravegna city centre we can take the path with code H01 which crosses the hairpin bends of the road towards Deccia. We touch the Aulüsch and Paü Alps and proceed along the woods up to when we reach the same road right in correspondence of the first Alpine lodging houses of Deccia. Either via a small path which goes up along the meadows, or following the road, we get up to the uppermost houses from which the best scenery can be enjoyed.

On the way back one can follow the very same itinerary or alternatively one can follow the road almost up to Paü and at the fork in the road for Voma take the small unpaved road which leads up to this beautiful Alpine pasture with very well-kept Alpine lodging houses and meadows. From Voma a path descends steeply coasting the large valley of Alfenza and then up to the Al Mot area and thus Longio.

From here along the mountainside the path arrives at the intersection with the road that goes back up a few meters until the path which proceeds along the mountainside descending down until it meets the path taking us to the Cravegna city centre.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Cravegna (824 m)


Cravegna – Aulüsc - Paü – Deccia Sotto – Deccia sopra – Deccia sotto – Voma – Al Mot – Longio - Cravegna

Altitude Difference Going Up

915 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

915 m

Track Length

10,5 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

4 h 40

Track Numbers

H01 + brief tract in the unpaved road up to Voma +G11

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty) - At times leaves mask the path which crosses the road.

Recommended Time Period

April - October (the entire year if the syndicate road is followed)


Antigorio Valley


The way up at Deccia is also a very beautiful itinerary in the winter. However, in the winter both the way up as well as the way down must be carried out via the syndicate road which links the Alfenza Torrent to Deccia.

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