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The Paione Lakes are made up of three bodies of water arranged in tiers. Circular in shape, they are superimposed and separated from each other by enormous rocky steps shaped by ice. By the 1940s, these lakes were the subject of research carried out by CNR ISE (Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi – the Institute for the Study of Ecosystems) to monitor the changes in the chemical composition of their water in relation to the atmospheric supply of nitrogen as well as in response to climate changes.

From the oratory of San Bernardo (St. Bernard), continue along the flat street until the bridge over the Rasiga River. As an alternative, you may also keep down the street for a bit and take the first right to merge into the canal running parallel to the road which leads, flat and unpaved, to the bridge over the Rasiga River. Head uphill on the vehicular road until coming to the first sharp bend. From there, take the trail (GTA - Grande Traversata delle Alpi) that rises up into the woods. When the trail levels out, you will come to a crossroads: leave the GTA trail and turn left towards Alpe di Paioni. The trail runs along the clearing next to a dry stone wall and then climbs again as it crosses the mountain pasture and an unpaved road near the chalet (baita) with red windows. Continuing on trail D10, you’ll first rise through a pretty larch forest, then through pastures and rocks shaped by glaciers until reaching the basin that holds the first of the Paioni lakes (the smaller one).

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

San Bernardo



Altitude Difference Going Up

400 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

20 m

Track Length

3,5 km (outbound only)

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 20 (outbound only)

Track Numbers


Difficulty Level

E (Medium Easy)

Recommended Time Period

June – October


Valle Bognanco


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