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This itinerary passes through the Moino col to explore the lakes of Moino - clear, shallow reflective bodies of water surrounded by meadows and rubble.
From Piana di Vigezzo, take the stone mule track that offers an incredible view of the pastures of the high Valley of Melezzo and the twisted crest between La Scheggia and Pioda di Crana (the highest summit in the Vigezzo Valley and a nearby crag-shaped mountain, respectively). Once you’ve reached the Moino col (1,977 m / 6,486 ft), enter into the Onsernone Valley; continue along the comfortable trail without changing altitude until you come to the first lake of Moino (1,883 m / 6,178 ft): a clear, deep pond surrounded by pastures and rubble. On the surface of the water, you’ll see the leaves of floating bur-weed (Sparganium angustifolium), a rare aquatic plant. A short distance away, near Alpe di Ruggia, is the second lake (1,940 m / 6,365 ft): a beautiful example of advanced silting, with a part of the original lake which has transformed into a rich bog.

note: Piana di Vigezzo is accessible by funicular from Prestinone ( tel. +39 0324 98646)

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Piana di Vigezzo


M25 (gta – Grande Traversata delle Alpi)

Altitude Difference Going Up

270 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

90 m

Track Length

2,9 km (outbound only)

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 10 (solo andata)

Track Numbers

M25 (gta)

Difficulty Level

T (easy)

Recommended Time Period

June – October


Valle Vigezzo


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