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From Devero we go back up to Crampiolo passing by the nice path having some stone-paved tracts and passes through Corte d’Ardui. In front of the Crampiolo Church we take the tractor trail which goes up to a small dam and coasts the Devero Lake also known as Codelago. At the first fork in the road we take a right leaving the track and proceeding along the trail which not much later comes to yet another fork: take the right path towards the Alp and Small Valley Mouth (Bocchetta della Valle). The path goes up steep along what once was an old way traversed by cow herds as witnessed by old but still-present stone-paved tracts. Once the woods have been exited we reach the now deserted Valley Alp (Alpe della Valle). We cross the small bridge and proceed along the mountainside passing through Alpine lodging buildings up until the small Alpine lodging house of the Naga Alp. From here onwards we follow an eroded ridge up until we reach a wide basin. We cross the stream and go back up via steep hairpin bends to the (marked) fork in the road towards the Poiala Lake.

We follow the directions towards the Small Valley Mouth (Bocchetta della Valle) and following the high-altitude prairies on not always well-marked trails (follow the signs on the wooden posts) we cross along a mountainside path. From here onwards we glance at the Upper Busin Lakes and the Jupiter Mountain (Monte Giove) Peak. We then take a steep descent following a small canal and in a brief amount of time we reach a first lake which we coast thus reaching the Upper Busin Lake. The path proceeds along the mountainside going slightly upwards until the top of the hill is reached. From here we can also see the Lower Busin Lake and the dam.

We proceed along the mountainside (pay attention to falling rocks in case of thunderstorms and heavy rains) passing high along the lake on not very-well marked tracks and with a final steep uphill tract we go back to the Busin Mountain Pass. An alternative (recommended) but slightly lengthy path consists of, having reached the top of the hill so that the Lower Busin Lake can be seen, going down on the right until we reach the dam, crossing it and coasting the lake on its west side. Here the path can be readily seen and we pass nice humid areas full of cotton-grass. The path comes back together just before the Busin Mountain Pass.
From the mountain pass we go down on a comfortable and wide path which goes down in regular hairpin bends between high-altitude prairies, reaching the Cortenova Alp and thus coasting the west side of the Vannino Lake in the plain up to reaching the dam and Margaroli Mountain Hut areas.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Devero 1631 m


Alpe Devero - Crampiolo – Lago di Devero (dighetta) – Alpe della Valle – Alpe Naga – B.tta della Valle – Lago Busin sup. – Lago Busin inf. – Passo Busin - Lago e Alpe Vannino

Altitude Difference Going Up

980 m

Altitude Difference Going Down


Track Length

16 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

6.00 hours

Track Numbers

H14 – G31

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficult) - In the tract between the fork in the road leading to the Poiala Lake and the Small Valley Mouth the track passes through the high-altitude prairies and is hard to spot. Some small white and red wooden track mark poles help us identify the trail: be careful in case of fog. Pay attention along the traversal that coasts the Lower Busin Lake: there is a danger of falling rocks.

Recommended Time Period

June - September


Devero and Formazza Valleys

Notable Items along the Track

Stone architecture at Crampiolo, Devero Lake also known as Codelago, Upper Busin Lake, Lower Busin Lake, Vannino Lake and Alp (Bettelmatt cheese production area)

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