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This ring-shaped itinerary allows us to discover the Gries Way in the Crevoladossola territory. The itinerary consists of a ring-shaped path between Crevoladossola and Oira. The track starts from Crevoladossola Church where we can admire its beautiful polychromatic stained glass windows put together by a Bern artisan shop that sent them here on the back of a mule along the Gries Way.

We descend along the secondary roads at the Enel Power Plant designed by the Milan architect Portaluppi and then proceed up to Solaro where a nice stone-paved mule track begins, coasting the Toce River, thus allowing us to reach the Canova and Oira areas. From the central square we ascend up to the high part of the town, the Villa di Oira, and thus take a nice mule track which becomes less and less pronounced up to the crossing with the road that leads to the Formazza Valley in the area of Arzaloo. We cross the road and coasting two buildings we go down to the height of the Toce River, and, coasting it, in a brief time we reach the very nice arched stone bridge which allows us to cross the Toce River and thus arrive at Pontemaglio.

We return backwards along the same itinerary up to the Arzaloo Chapel and thus, having crossed the road, we take the mule track which takes us back to the Oira Villa. Having descended slightly towards the centre of the town, we take the mule track with code G00b which goes back up to the woods reaching an area with terracings made up of Cyclops stones.

The path follows widely up until not much beyond Preminoira, in correspondence of the road’s hairpin bend, thus reaching up to Bisogno along a paved road and then crossing the small village and going down to the oratory with a beautiful mule track with steps engraved in the rock. We proceed into the woods along the mountainside up until we cross the pressure pipelines which can be surpassed on a small wooden bridge thus allowing us to follow the mule track and directional post signs leading back to the Crevoladossola town centre.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Crevoladossola (Municipal Square, reachable via the Domodossola – Formazza bus line.


Crevoladossola – Bisogno – Preminoira – Oira – Arzaloo - Pontemaglio – Arzaloo – Canova – Solaro – ENEL Power Plant – Crevoladossola Church

Altitude Difference Going Up

200 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

200 m

Track Length

8,4 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

2 h 20

Track Numbers

G00b – G00e – G00

Difficulty Level

E (medium-easy) - Ring-shaped path along nice mule tracks.

Recommended Time Period

Entire year


Antigorio Valley

Notable Items along the Track

Traditional stone architecture, traditional farming products (mill and press at Oira).

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