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The suggested itinerary allows us to undertake a long panoramic high-altitude traversal with minimum altitude differences and a long descent down to Varzo on nice mule tracks. We advise leaving your car at Varzo and thus going back up to Saint Domenico via the Prontobus bus service. From Saint Domenico we take the chairlift up the Ciamporino Alp (Saint Domenico Chairlift – Ciamporino Alp, Tel. +39 0324 780868;

From the arrival end of the chairlift we take a right, we turn around a ridge and reach the Alpine lodging houses of the Alpe Ciamporino Alpine pasture. From the Alpine lodges we take the path along the mountainside (labeled F50) which goes down to Moiero. From Moiero we follow along the syndicate path which via a long mountainside road touches the Quatè Alp and finally reaches the Solcio Alp via the excellent Crosta mountain hut. From such mountain hut we start our long descent upon Varzo following the nice mule track (track code F06) which does down to Dreuza and from here to the rural community of Colla and thus to the Varzo town centre.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Ciamporino Alp (1936 m), reachable via chairlift from Saint Domenico. Saint Domenico is in term reachable from the Varzo Train Station via the Prontobus bus line.


Ciamporino – Moiero – Quaté – Il Rono – Solcio Alp – Bialugno – Dreuza – Durogna – Colla - Varzo

Altitude Difference Going Up

165 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

1535 m

Track Length

13,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

4 h 15 min

Track Numbers

F50 + F06 + F10

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficult)


Divedro Valley

Notable Items along the Track

mid july – mid september (time period when the chairlift systems for going up the mountain are operational)

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