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This itinerary is a ring-shaped walk offering nice mule track tracts such as the ones from Maiesso to Crego and from Maglioggio to Quategno as well as the one from Crego to Maglioggio on a paved syndicate road in the woods. Despite the tarmac, this excursion is nice and interesting thanks to the nice valley scenery, the nice tracts amid the thick woods, the rural communities encountered, and the Devil Wall at Arvenolo. The so called “Devil Wall” is a megalithic complex made out of structures constructed via dry-stone techniques from blocks of hewed rock of impressive dimensions and was probably considered sacred.

From the Campagna Eating House at Verampio, we follow the directions towards the “Uriezzo Ravines” (Orridi di Uriezzo) and along such unpaved road we go back up to the Maiesso Bridge with its beautiful potholes. We can cross the bridge and follow the arrow signs with track code G06 to go back up the beautiful mule track tracts. We pass the fork in the road towards the Balmasurda bridge and carry on until Crego (the last track tract followed after coming out in the meadows underneath Crego is not very well-marked). From the characteristic circular-base Oratory we take the paved syndicate road which starts going up, we ignore the fork in the road towards Aleccio and carry on the paved road up to Arvenolo with its characteristic megalithic wall. We then take one last way up to Le Quartine after which the road descends steeply up to the bridge crossing the Rio Antolina river. Not long from here a path on the left-hand-side allows us to avoid the road and brings us directly to Maglioggio. From here onwards a nice mule track starts and then crosses through the road’s hairpin bends bringing us up to Quategno where we cross the small road at the bottom of the valley. We take a right and at the Verampio Lake dam we take a left thus crossing the Toce River on the dam bridge. We carry on for a brief tract on a small paved road up to when we cross a long straight road. We turn to the left and just after that to the right towards Inner Braccio where a mule track begins coasting its rocky sides and takes us up to the Verampio soccer field, next to the power plant, and from here we get back to the Campagna Eating House at Verampio.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Parking Lot at the Campagna Eating House at Verampio (525 m)


Verampio – Devero Torrent – Maiesso Bridge (potholes) – Crego – Arvenolo (Devil Wall) – Le Quartine – Maglioggio – Outer Quategno – Inner Quategno - Verampio Lake Dam (pedestrian overpass) – Braccio-Verampio Road Crossing – Gries Way (Via del Gries) Crossing (track sign G00) – Verampio Sports Centre – ENEL Power Plant – Campagna Eating House at Verampio

Altitude Difference Going Up

485 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

485 m

Track Length

11,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 30

Track Numbers

G34 – G06 – road tract – G4 – G00

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty)

Recommended Time Period

March - October


Antigorio Valley

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