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The Poiala Lake is a small circular lake placed on a solitary basin just above an alpine pasture of the same name (Poiala Alpine Pasture) which for many centuries was the most conspicuous amid the entire Walser Agaro Community. These are solitary places where the silence is broken by the wind that blows freely amid the prairies and the scared whistling of marmots.
In the vicinity of the Poiala Mountains the stream disappears amid a limestone low-lying area which, after flowing underwater, reappears at the top of the Agaro lake. The underground flow of the stream which is about two kilometers long has given birth to the “pothole of Poiala” (“voragine di Poiala”) which comprises the most beautiful speleological network of underground caves among the whole of northern Piedmont (a waterfall of 30 m precipitates into a funnel of very white rocks).
The itinerary comprises a ring-shaped path which allows us to become acquainted with two faces of these mountains: the abundant alpine pastures (Valle and Naga) and those which are still full of grazing cows (Sangiatto and Poiala).

From Devero we go up to Crampiolo passing by the nice partially stone-paved path which passes by Ardui Court (Corte d’Ardui). In front of the Crampiolo Church we take a tractor trail that goes up to the small dam and coasts the Devero Lake also known as Codelago. At the first fork in the road we take a right abandoning the road and following along the path which not much later comes to yet another fork in the road: we take a right towards Alpe and Small Valley Mouth (Bocchetta della Valle). The path goes up steeply along what was once an old uphill road for cows as witnessed by still present old stone-paved tracts. Once outside of the woods we reach the Valley Alp (Alpe della Valle), which has now been abandoned. We surpass the small bridge and proceed along the mountainside passing underneath Alpine lodging houses and continue up until we reach a wide basin. We cross the brook and go back up the road via steep hairpin bends until we reach the (marked) fork in the road towards the Poiala Lake. We go down, cross the stream, and go back up the brief tract up to another small pole. From here a vast grass-covered tableland begins (Passo di Poiala) which in the summer is filled with cotton-grass balls. At the end of the tableland we finally see the Poiala Lake, packed in the rocks, which can be reached from the mountain pass via one last steep downhill tract. We coast the lake and begin to go down towards the immense Poiala Alp. We pass the Alpine lodging homes paying attention to the track marks and follow the H16 path which slowly goes up along the mountainside till Scarpia Small Mouth (Bocchetta della Scarpia) (2248 m), where we reach the wide saddle-like mountainous area which links the Agaro valley with the Devero valley. From the small mouth we go down following the various tracks formed as a result of repeated passages of cow herds and in a brief amount of time we reach the third Sangiatto Lake. From here we steeply go down the Sangiatto Alp, take the tractor trail which at the first hairpin bend gets abandoned to follow along the H16 path which via a wide mountainside path goes down to Crampiolo and thus to Devero. As an alternative to the Sangiatto Alp we follow the tractor trail which goes down from Corte d’Ardui and from there to Devero in its entirety via the H00 path.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Alpe Devero Loc. Ai Ponti (1634 m)


H00 – H98 – H14 – H08 – H16

Altitude Difference Going Up

865 m

Track Length

17,6 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

6 h 15 min

Track Numbers

H00 – H98 – H14 – H08 – H16

Difficulty Level

E (medium)

Recommended Time Period

July - October


Valle Devero


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