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From the Villadossola train station we take the Corso Italia main road up to where we cross the stone bridge that crosses the Ovesca Torrent. From IV November Square we follow Croppo Street and just after that Pioda Street. A staircase takes us to Cà dei Conti Street, where we carry on along a path towards the Boschetto rural community. We than follow along always paying attention to the road signs marked C00 thus going up the entire Antrona Valley, passing from Montescheno, Seppiana, Viganella, Ruginenta, Madonna, and Locasca. Via one last tract we reach Antronapiana.

The route:
The “Antronesca Road”

Other legs:

Itinerary Code: ANT

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (E)

Track Length: 15.36 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 4h 30m

Arrival Address: Villadossola (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 250 m

Departure Address: Antrona Schieranco (VB) - IT

Arrival Height: 902 m

Route Stage: 1

Recommended Time Period: Entire year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 633 m

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