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From Riale we take the G20 track which cuts through the hairpin bends of the road towards Saint Giacomo Mountain Pass. At the end of the steep ascent, just before the Maria Luisa Mountain Hut, we take the small road that goes up to the Castel Lake dam on the right which than proceeds towards the Castel Alp. From the Alpine pastures to the Alp a trail descends lightly and then goes back up along the mountainside among high-altitude prairies and debris fields so as to then reach the Boden Lakes in a brief amount of time. Following along we begin going up the large debris valley which via one last steep tract takes us to the Maggia Valley Small Mouth. From the mountain pass the way down begins, and we ignore the detour via the Matörgn Lake and go down to the small valley of Fiorina coasting along the moraine of the Basodino Glacier up to the Randinascia Alp. Finally, via one last steep tract we go down to the Robiei Lake and Alp where it is possible to stay overnight at a hotel or at the Robiei Hut. It is also possible to take the cableway down to San Carlo in Val Bavona.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Riale (1729 m)


Riale – Castel Lake – Castel Alp – Boden Lakes – Maggia Valley Small Mouth (Bocchetta di Val Maggia) – Robiei

Altitude Difference Going Up

910 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

744 m

Track Length

10,7 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

5 h 00 min

Track Numbers

G20 + G24 up to Passo, then the Canton Ticino track network

Difficulty Level

E (medium-difficult) - tracts with stony grounds before and after the mountain pass


June - September


Formazza Valley

Notable Items along the Track

Walser architecture at Riale, Castel high-altitude prairies, Boden Lakes, the scenery from Maggia Valley Small Mouth (Bocchetta di Val Maggia) onto the Basodino Glacier, and lakes and peat-bogs in the Robiei area.


Riale – Robiei is a stage along the Alpine Way (Via Alpina) – Red Itinerary


Riale – Robiei is a stage along the Alpine Way (Via Alpina) – Red Itinerary


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