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From Bannio go up to Fontane locality following the indications of the “old muletrack” for Soi. Cross the Riscilione, Piana, Soi di Fuori, Soi di Mezzo localities until you get to the Soi locality where there is a little refuge. Keep going on the carriage road up to Bocchetto where the road becomes unpaved up to Piè di Baranca and then cross the Olocchia river on a bridge. Here begins the path that climbs quite steeply into the woods and, passing by Alpe Rusa and Oreto, leads to Colle Baranca. Then, pass the group of huts on the right of Alpe Selle, with a chapel in memory of fallen partisans, and continue on the right following an evident path, which climbs halfway between rocky crags and high altitude pastures, and that reaches Colle d'Egua.


Notes: Excursion to discover the beautiful and lonely Olocchia Valley. The Baranca hill is the low pass that connects with Fobello, the Colle d’Egua connects with Carcoforo.

Notable Items along the Track

Below the pass of Colle Baranca, in the large meadow basin, there is Lake Baranca, a body of water of remarkable beauty. A little further on you can see the ruins of Villa Lancia, built by Vincenzo Lancia, founder of the historic car manufacturer: it was destroyed by the Nazifascists in the troubled period of the War of Liberation.

Accesso con mezzi pubblici

By car you can continue until Bocchetto (1030 m)

Itinerary: B15

Difficulty Level: E (medium difficult, for the length and the difference in height)

Track Length: 12,0 (only for outbound) Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 5 h 15 min (only for outbound)

Arrival Address: Bannio

Departure Height: 665 m

Departure Address: Colle d’Egua

Arrival Height: 2239 m

Recommended Time Period: June - October

Altitude Difference Going Up: 1595 (only for outbound) m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 20 (only for outbound) m

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