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The track unwinds along an area of great archeological interest. This is where in fact not long ago (as part of an inter-regional project by SITINET) that a site with one of the most beautiful rock paintings in the Alps known as The Deer’s Cave (La Balma dei Cervi) was discovered. The path also comes across the so called Devil Wall (Muro del Diavolo) which is a great example of megalithism and whose exact origins are yet to be determined. At Maglioggio a chestnut tree named Maria Bona can be found, placed among the monumental trees of Piedmont.

At Crego the oratory with surrounding colonnades built by Don Dresco, the sculptor parish priest is also very nice. From the new municipal parking lot next to the Antigoriana dairy we cross the main road and take the carriageable road on the right which goes down till it crosses the Toce River. Shortly after crossing such bridge we take the mule track which cuts through the road’s hairpin bends and goes up to Maglioggio. From the square in the rural community we take a left towards Cruppo up to the stone bridge crossing the Rio Antolina river with its impressing underlying water gap and just after that (just before entering the dwelling area of Cruppo) we take the nice upwards mule track up to Dugno where we arrive at the intersection with the Crego – Aleccio syndicate road.

We take a left along the road and in a short period of time we reach the Alpine lodging homes of Le Quartine and following along almost flatly we reach Arvenolo and its Devil Wall, which is one of the most impressing megalithism examples given its dimensions. Not long after that we follow along the syndicate road which starts going down to Crego. Here we take the path marked with track sign G06 towards Maiesso but before the fork in the road towards Balmasurda we take a path on the left which coasts a canal used to divert water. We follow the canal up to its end and from here onwards we proceed along an almost flat path along the mountainside up until we come back up to Cruppo. From Cruppo, we can backtrack along the same track to get back to Crodo.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Crodo, parking lot at the Antigoriana dairy, 536 m above mean sea level


Crodo, Maglioggio, Rio Antolina Bridge, Cruppo, Dugno, le Quartine, Arvenolo (devil wall), Crego, deviation canal, Cruppo, Maglioggio, Crodo

Altitude Difference Going Up

508 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

508 m

Track Length

11,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 40

Track Numbers

G04 – G36 – G38 – G06 – G36- G04

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty).

Recommended Time Period

April - October


Antigorio Valley


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