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Following the usual track marks with brown directional arrows and the name “Stockalperweg” (track mark 90), from the Sempione Mountain Pass we start going downwards always keeping at the bottom of the valley and always more or less at an offset to the cantonal road. We pass the whereabouts of Hiwe, with its Baron Stockalper Hospice, and thus follow on to Nideralp, Chiusmatte, and Engiloch. On the nice mule track which unwinds on the side of the main road we cross the pastures of Maschihus and arrive at Egga and thus to Siplon Dorf. From here onwards the path goes down to Gabi and in correspondence of the Alte Kaserme (historical transportation museum along Sempione) we start an emotional journey with metal overpasses and high bridges which cross the Gondo Gulleys. We cross the military fort of Gondo and at last reach Gondo, at the Italian-Swiss boundary.

The route:
The Stockalper Way (Stockalperweg)

The stages of this route:
STOCKALPER WAY Stage 1: Briga – Sempione Mountain Pass
STOCKALPER WAY Stage 2: Sempione Mountain Pass - Gondo
STOCKALPER WAY Stage 3: Gondo – Monscera Mountain Pass - Graniga
STOCKALPER WAY Stage 4: Graniga - Domodossola

Accesso con mezzi pubblici

The track coasts the more or less far cantonal road corresponding to the Domodossola – Briga and Briga – Gondo bus lines. It is possible to have some refreshments at Engiloch and Simplon (Switzerland).

Itinerary Code: STK

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (E)

Track Length: 19.00 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 4h 40m

Arrival Address: Sempione - CH

Departure Height: 2005 m

Departure Address: Zwischbergen - IT

Arrival Height: 855 m

Route Stage: 2

Recommended Time Period: June - October

Altitude Difference Going Up: 70 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 1270 m

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