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From the Masera railway station, follow the main road (on the sidewalk) up to the large parking lot in front of the Janni e Ceschi hardware store. Then take a steep path that goes up into the woods to emerge on the wide ridge of Pello characterized by large expanses of Ossola vineyards. Following the signs you will reach Trontano with its beautiful parish church. From Trontano follow the signs for the "Mulini del Graglia", a complex of 6 restored water mills. Just before the mills there is a splendid stone bridge with a chapel in the center. From the mills the beautiful mule track continues halfway up to emerge in a large parking lot under Verigo with a beautiful chapel recently restored by the Valgrande National Park with frescoes by Borgnis. Then take the long forest track that leads to the characteristic village of Marone. Go down to the Ca’ Turbin bridge, cross the state road before the new tunnel and climb up halfway to Bondi and Mozzio. From here a comfortable dirt track leads to Coimo, the town where an excellent rye bread (Coimo bread) is produced. Once in the town, go up to the upper part and continue on the cycle-pedestrian path up to Sasseglio, entering the large upland of the Vigezzo Valley. Cross Druogno and continue on secondary roads with little traffic to Buttogno and Crana where there is the oratory of San Rocco (splendid 16th-century frescoes by "Legnanino") and the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista (the dome is one of the best works by Giuseppe Mattia Borgnis). From Crana in a short time you will go down to Santa Maria Maggiore.

Via del Mercato

Via del Mercato Leg 2: Santa Maria Maggiore - Camedo (CH)
Via del Mercato Leg 3: Camedo (CH) - Intragna (CH)
Via del Mercato Leg 4: Intragna (CH) - Locarno (CH)

Notable Items along the Track

The Parish Church of the Nativity of Maria (10th century) in Trontano. The Mulini del Rio Graglia, a complex of 6 restored water mills. The beautiful chapel of Verigo, recently restored, with frescoes by Borgnis. The characteristic village of Marone. Coimo, where an excellent rye bread (Coimo bread) is produced. The Oratory of San Rocco (splendid sixteenth-century frescoes by "Legnanino") and the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista (the dome is one of the best works by Giuseppe Mattia Borgnis) in Crana.

Accesso con mezzi pubblici

All places of departure and arrival can be reached by train with the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway line


Itinerary Code: VME

Difficulty Level: Hiking (E)

Track Length: 18.00 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 6h 00m

Arrival Address: Masera (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 300 m

Departure Address: Santa Maria Maggiore (VB) - IT

Arrival Height: 815 m

Route Stage: 1

Recommended Time Period: April - November

fruizione: Hiking

nazione: Italy

regione: Piedmont

provincia: Verbania

classificazione: Provincial of medium and low mountain

Altitude Difference Going Up: 620 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 135 m

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