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On the second day from Bannio Anzino we go back down to Pontegrande along the Chapels’ Way (via delle Cappelle, track number B15b) and the Madonna of Snow (Madonna della Neve). From Pontegrande we take back the Stra’ Granda (track number B00) and we thus pass from the Pucci Homes (Case Pucci) area and in thirty minutes reach Saint Carlo, pass from Battiggio, and in another thirty mnutes we get to Vanzone. We thus pass Valleggio, Croppo, Canfinello, Borgone, and Ceppo Morelli. Here we coast the lower part of the village up to the stone bridge on the Anza and then go back up to Prequartera. Then we take a carriageable road up to Campioli, where we take a path that in 35 minutes takes us to Morghen and following on a wide mule track we cross the Anza on the Vaud Bridge and follow onto the ruins of the old Pestarena mine and thus get to Pestarena. From here we go up to Fornarelli, and then Borca (where it is possible to visit the Gold Mine of Guia and the Walser Museum), thus reaching Isella and thus Macugnaga-Staffa, which is where the town hall resides next to the ancient Walser village and the Old Church.

The route:
The Great Road’s Way (Via Stra’ Granda)

Other legs:

Itinerary Code: SGR

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (T)

Track Length: 18.16 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 5h 15m

Arrival Address: Bannio Anzino (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 527 m

Departure Address: Macugnaga (VB) - IT

Arrival Height: 1310 m

Route Stage: 2

Recommended Time Period: May - October

Altitude Difference Going Up: 840 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 230 m

Max Height: 2868 m

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