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General features:
A suggestive panoramic view of the Ossola plain and Trontano, between ancient stately villas and terraces where the famous Masera grapes are grown. Ring route that can be traveled all year round.

The route:
From the Vigezzina railway station, once you have crossed the footbridge over the Melezzo stream, reach the parish church of San Martino. Take Via Carale, pass under a stone portico and walk along the stone block of the "old prisons" (grates on the windows). After a short stretch on a mule track, crossing the paved road, you will find the path that runs alongside the Rio Fasciol and on the right, after the bridge, the oratory of S. Elisabetta. Continuing the climb you will arrive at the Quartavolo hamlet. Continuing further on, you will reach the oratory of Sant'Antonio, from here begins a beautiful stretch of path through the chestnut and oak woods that passes through the ruins of Case Ariola (beautiful fresco of the Madonna del Sangue) and Loraccio. Crossed the asphalted road, go down to Ranco Sopra and then Ranco Sotto. Take the path that cuts the hairpin bends of the road and, after passing a small chapel, you will reach Case Brencio. Skirting the wall of a villa, you will descend to Rivoira: a short detour to the left along the road allows you to observe a beautiful tower house and reach the park of Villa Caselli, which is absolutely worth a visit. Back in the square in Rivoira, go up to Case Bariino and then reach Rogna and Cresta (oratory of S. Bernardo). From here, go down along the mule track that leads to Menogno di sotto, then from the square go up to Menogno di sopra where, following a flat mule track above the carriage road, you will return to the provincial road. Always following carefully the red dots that invite to short detours you will return to the church square.

Area: Plain of Ossola Valley

Notable Items along the Track

Stone architecture, Villa Caselli and other stately villas, cultivation of Ossola vines


Itinerary of the Municipality of Masera indicated as the "Percorso Rosso" (Red Route). Every September the famous "Masera Grape Festival" is celebrated:

Difficulty Level: T-E (Easy - Medium)

Track Length: 8,68 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 2h 45min

Arrival Address: Masera

Departure Height: 295 m

Recommended Time Period: All the year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 286 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 286 m

Max Height: 536 m

Other: Itinerary of the Municipality of Masera indicated as the Percorso Rosso (Red Route). Every September the famous "Grape Festival of Masera" is celebrated:

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