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This route allows you to plunge into the Alpine economy which is linked to the usage of pastures and also discover ancient, mysterious traces of the past. Between mountain huts in the pastures and along the trails, the largest meadow area of the Vigezzo Valley conceals numerous hollowed-out rocks with small, carved, circular cavities that are at times even connected by small channels. Their meaning is still a mystery, but they may be connected to ancient cults. Often found in high, exposed places and frequently struck by lightning, inhabitants of the valley call these carved boulders the “ses d’la lesna”, local dialect for “lightning stones”.
From the plain of Vigezzo (1,706 m / 5,597 ft) a flat footpath leads off to the right and arrives at Colma di Craveggia (1,669 m), a “balcony” extending out over the Vigezzo Valley. The mountain pasture was created along the slopes of the ridge and, beyond the chalets at the end of the plain, there is a small oratory dedicated to Saint Roch (San Rocco). From the first chalets in Alpe della Colma, a trail climbs to Alpe Pidella (1,721 m / 5,646 ft), running along a stone wall and the baite (the chalets). Two flat, cup-marked boulders can be found after the last house. You will then reach Alpe Calanca and upper Alpe Colla (1,715 m / 5,627 ft), where you will find another pair of cup-marked boulders (after the last house). The path then arrives at upper Alpe Marco (1,640 m / 5,381 ft) and lower Alpe Colla (1,580 m / 5,184 ft), where there is a cup-and-ring marked boulder among the chalets. From here, you may either return via the same trail or cut across diagonally following the traces of a path directly to Alpe Calanca and then, along the itinerary already taken, arrive at Piana di Vigezzo.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Piana di Vigezzo


Piana di Vigezzo, Colma di Craveggia, Alpe Pidella, Alpe Calanca, Alpe Colla superiore, Alpe Marco sopra, Alpe Colla inferiore

Altitude Difference Going Up

75 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

185 m

Track Length

3,5 km (outbound only)

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 00 (outbound only)

Difficulty Level

E (Medium-Easy)

Recommended Time Period

June – October


Valle Vigezzo

Bus stop

funicular from Prestinone ( tel. +39 0324 98646



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