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The mule track begins at the edge of the town of Cagiogno near a nice stone washhouse that features a traditional sloping granite tiled roof. The path rises along well-designed curves and inclines that never become too steep. Once beyond the giant masses of a prehistoric landslide immersed in the forest, you’ll first reach the locality of Boschetto and then the cluster of houses of Bee, perched on a ridge. From Bee, follow the hillside, venturing into the large valley until crossing the Alba River and heading upwards to Lör. From here, following either the dirt track or the trail, pass through the gatherings of baite (alpine huts) that, taken together, form the Alpe di Aleccio. From the settlement of Crupai, trail G06 heads decisively downhill until it turns into a nice mule track which, through endless hairpin bends, leads to Crego. In front of the pretty oratory chapel, take trail G34a towards the Arvera Bridge – Premia, which descends and intersects with the street and then the cement canal used by ENEL. From here, turn right (trail G32) and follow the long, flat stretch along the waterway. When it ends, continue along the trail, cross the Alba River at the foot of the majestic waterfall and climb over the small mound. Keep down the slight descent to Cagiogno, closing the ring of the route.

Notes: This ring trail passes through woods and pastures, creating a beautiful excursion that offers an enjoyable, not-too-strenuous hike in the secluded edges of a valley little-known to tourists. The pretty paved mule track that rises to Alpe Bee from Cagiogno is a masterpiece of an alpine road, one of the nicest and best-preserved “strade delle mucche” (cow paths) of the entire Ossola region.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point



G30 + G06 + G32

Altitude Difference Going Up

800 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

800 m

Track Length

10,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

4 h 30

Track Numbers

G30 + G06 + G32

Difficulty Level

E (medium). At times, branches and leaves hide the trail that cuts across the track

Recommended Time Period



Valle Antigorio

Notable Items along the Track

Crego is worth a visit for its pretty parish church and accompanying peristyle made of local stone, harmoniously situated amongst its surroundings.

Bus stop

The nearest bus stop is Premia (on the Domodossola – Formazza bus line)


Escursione ad anello per boschi e alpeggi, una bella gi¬ta che offre una camminata piacevole e non impegnativa in una zona appartata ai margini della valle e poco co¬nosciuta dai turisti. La bella mulattiera lastricata che da Cagiogno sale all’Alpe Bee è un piccolo capolavoro di viabilità alpina, una delle più belle e meglio conservate “strade delle mucche” di tutta l’Ossola.


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