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General features:
Montorfano is the "solitary" mountain that emerges from the Toce alluvial plain, embraced by Lake Mergozzo, Lake Maggiore and the River Toce. It looks like a single block of granite, marked by centuries of mining. The Ecomuseum is dedicated to white granite and is spread over a large area in the Municipality of Mergozzo, constituting a huge open-air laboratory.
The itinerary develops along the eastern side of Montorfano, along the "Sentiero Azzurro" (Blue Path), from the town of Mergozzo, starting from the FFSS station, to the village of Montorfano, with return to the FFSS station of Verbania Fondotoce.

The route:
From Mergozzo station reach Via Sempione, turn right and cross to continue along Via Strada Vecchia, until the center of the village, where the Romanesque Church of Santa Marta, the Civic Archaeological Museum, the Parish Church of Beata Vergine Assunta with the niche of the Via Crucis and numerous buildings in which the use of the typical Montorfano granite stands out. Then descend to the lakefront, where the great elm has been a meeting place for the community for centuries. Go briefly up Via Borzoni and, on the left, Via Nostrani. At a crossroads, turn left in Via Montorfano, leaving the town. Follow the signs for the Blue Path, continuing first on a dirt road and then on a path that cuts the northern side of Montorfano. Once reached the paved road go up to the village of Montorfano, with the ancient Romanesque Church of San Giovanni. Continuing for a short distance towards the top of Montorfano you will find numerous signs of ancient granite quarries. A short path leads from the village to the Belvedere, from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore, the Borromeo Gulf and the mouth of the Toce.
The return is along the paved road connecting with Fondotoce, which allows you to quickly get off at the Verbania railway station. Just before reaching the station, you pass by the only still active granite quarry, called Cava Donna.

Area: Plain of the Ossola Valley

Itinerary particularly suitable for educational visits.
Civic Archaeological Museum of Mergozzo and Ecomuseum of the Montorfano granite
On the website, in the routes section, there are numerous proposals for educational activities for schools of all levels.

Notable Items along the Track

Military fortifications Linea Cadorna, Lake Mergozzo, Ecomuseum of Granite and the Archaeological Museum of Mergozzo, Montorfano town with the ancient Romanesque Church of San Giovanni


By train: Mergozzo station, Ferrovie dello Stato. Timetable:; By car: A26 highway towards Gravellona Toce, Verbania exit. At the first fork in the direction of Verbania, follow the direction of Mergozzo.

Difficulty Level: T (easy)

Track Length: 5,8 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 1h 30min

Arrival Address: Mergozzo

Departure Height: 205 m

Recommended Time Period: All the year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 135 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 140 m

Max Height: 335 m

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